Moonambel Cabernet Sauvignon described as 'a marvel' in Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Moonambel Cabernet Sauvignon described as 'a marvel' in Robert Parker Wine Advocate

“… this is a bit of a marvel.”

We are overjoyed that Dalwhinnie has been featured as a stand-out producer of Victorian Cabernet Sauvignon by Erin Larkin in the Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

Erin, formerly of the Halliday Wine Companion, is a highly acclaimed Australian wine writer who is now contributing to the Robert Parker Wine Advocate. This is a universally renowned platform for wine education, news and tasting notes.

As part of Erin's new role, she will be reviewing wines from across Australia. She recently published an article on Cabernet Sauvignon in Victoria, which highlighted Dalwhinnie as a top producer in the region. Erin said:

“A mini but mighty expose on wines from this great state, many that I will be personally collecting for my own cellar.

“What I look for in great Cabernet is a sense of place, perhaps more so than in any other variety … Despite being a small report of just 27 wines, I’d hazard a guess that this is, on balance, one of the highest-scoring reports I have published so far. Among the 16 producers profiled here, a special mention must go to … Dalwhinnie in Moonambel … utterly sensational and speaks so eloquently of place and style.”

We also received exceptional reviews on the 2018 Moonambel Shiraz and the 2018 The Eagle Shiraz, which can be read below. 

Congratulations to Chief Winemaker Julian Langworthy, Vineyard Supervisor Sam Bartlett and the whole Dalwhinnie team on these wonderful reviews.  

Dalwhinnie 2018 Moonambel Cabernet Sauvignon

"The 2018 Moonambel Cabernet Sauvignon is fleshy and bright in the glass, but the fruit—succulent as it is—is underpinned by a foundation of rock and minerals. The tannins are firm for sure; they frame the wine and assist the fruit in its journey across the palate. Polished yet with an open weave and complex in a black way, this is a bit of a marvel." 95 points – Erin Larkin, Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Dalwhinnie 2018 Moonambel Shiraz

"The Dalwhinnie Shiraz wines have a devoted following here in Australia, and the intensity of the midnight fruit in this 2018 Shiraz Moonambel answers that question for me. This is savory and dense, but there is a line of minerality and austerity in here that holds it all in check. It is black like the night and dotted with stars of flavor and texture throughout. There are notes of Champion Ruby tobacco, aniseed and blackberry essence." 94 points – Erin Larkin, Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Dalwhinnie 2018 The Eagle Shiraz

"If the Moonambel Shiraz is black like the night sky dotted with stars, then the 2018 The Eagle Shiraz is like staring full into the belly of the sun. It evokes sounds too—an eagle calling as it soars through an ancient rocky canyon. Initially, this wine is full-throttle in flavor, with blackberry fruit in tangles on the palate, shaped by a cage of savory, spicy tannins and drawn out over a long lead in the finish. Once you give yourself fully to this wine, and I mean fully, its mineral rachis is revealed. It has a rocky austerity that is most appealing and works to rein in the fruit, which is kind of as possible as taming a wild animal. But the attempt is always made. A wine for the cellar." 96 points – Erin Larkin, Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Read the full report on The Wine Advocate here.

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