Meet Our Vineyard Manager: SAM BARTLETT

Meet Our Vineyard Manager: SAM BARTLETT

Meet our Vineyard Manager, Sam!

Sam joined Dalwhinnie as the viticulturist in 2008 but his experience in the Pyrenees wine region spans nearly 20 years.

Sam's day-to-day operations vary a lot depending on the time of year, but what doesn't change is his innate knowledge of the Dalwhinnie dry-grown Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards.

Sam undertakes all of our pruning in winter, allowing our vines to go into the crucial hibernation phase over the colder months. In spring, when the temperature starts to warm up again, vines wake themselves up and go through bud burst, canopy growth and fruit set. 

During this growth phase Sam carefully implements our pest and disease management activities, as well as fertilization and irrigation (if needed). Canopy management is also crucial and can include tasks such as sucker removal, shoot thinning, leaf removal, wire raising and shoot positioning (training).

Closer to harvest, Sam also samples our fruit to test for sugar and acid levels – as well as flavour, this is a key factor to determine when we need to pick the grapes!

Sam utilises organic viticultural practices wherever possible and meticulously monitors and maintains our 50-year-old vines to ensure the most exceptional, high-quality fruit is produced every vintage.

Speaking on the 2024 vintage so far, Sam said:

"Vintage 2024 is shaping up to be pretty good, plenty of fruit compared to last year and the canopy is particularly lush. The quality is also looking really good. Flowering was great this season, with warmer days and no wet weather during the flowering stage. We are expecting a later than usual harvest in the Pyrenees this year. Ideally, we would like plenty of sun and warm days to finish the season off, after a cool and above average rainfall for January, however the quality is looking awesome."

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Favourite Wine

"It's really satisfying to see all your hard work in the vineyard come together in each of the Dalwhinnie wines, however if I had to choose just one it would be the Dalwhinnie Pinnacle Shiraz. I do like a really nice Cabernet too."


"One of the reasons I like working in the vineyard so much is that I get to be outside doing what I love. Outside of work you will find me playing cricket, fishing, hunting and camping – that sounds like my ideal weekend!"


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